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PAVEL NASTASE, FLOAREA NASTASE, CORINA IONESCU Challenges Generated by the Implementation of the IT Standards COBIT 4.1, ITIL V3 and ISO/IEC 27002 in Enterprises


I. RADU, V. LEFTER, M. URSACESCU, C. SENDROIU, M. CIOC Decisional Simulation within Socio – Productive Systems with Entropy


VIRGINIA MARACINE, CAMELIA DELCEA How We Can Diagnose the Firms’ Diseases Using Grey Systems Theory


CONSTANTA BODEA, VIRGINIA ATANASIU Applications of the Hierarchical Structure with Two and Three Levels


VICTOR DRAGOTA, MIHAELA  DRAGOTA Models and Indicators for Risk Valuation of Direct Investments


ALEXANDRA HOROBET, SORIN DUMITRESCU On the Causal Relationships between Monetary, Financial and Real  Macroeconomic Variables: Evidence from Central and Eastern Europe


CARMEN RADULESCU, FLORINA BRAN Possibilities to Increase Irrigation Efficiency through the Optimization of Crop Structure


BERNARD MORARD,  FLORENTINA BALU Developing a Practical Model for Calculating the Economic Value  Added


ION IONITA, LILIANA MOGA A New Methodology of Projecting the Informatics Systems for  Enterprises


CATALINA COCIANU, LUMINITA STATE, PANAYIOTIS VLAMOS Neural Implementation of a Class of PCA Learning Algorithms


CARMEN HARTULARI, ANGELA GALUPA A Multilevel Cybernetic System to Control the Risk of Environmental Pollution


ADRIANA AGAPIE, LUIZA BADIN Confidence Intervals for the Guesstimation Algorithm: A Bootstrap Approach


PETRE CARAIANI Inflation Persistence and DSGE Models. An Application on Romanian Economy


AHMED DRIOUCHI, CRISTINA BOBOC Do Better Health and Education Enhance Economic Development ?


T. VASUDHA WARRIER, NITA H. SHAH Review Period Reorder Point Probabilistic Inventory System for Deteriorating Items with the Mixture of Backorders and Lost Sales